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Vivian Villarreal
Texas Tornado

She is repeatedly voted “most exciting player to watch, male or female” by fans of hte sport. Her fans have a special way to cheer the “Texas Tornado.” They spin their fingers, tornado-style, and mimic the sound of the rushing air.

The Women’s Professional Billiards Association superstar has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s top women’s billiards player for the past 20 years and held in the past the #1 world ranking for 5 years. She has won a total of 19 WPBA Classic Tour titles and is the ESPN World Open Champion.

The “Texas Tornado” nickname is fitting for this animated billiards champion, who hails from San Antonio and is one of the world’s leading hispanic sports personalities. Villarreal’s exciting, interactive pool playing style has pushed the popularity of the sport to its highest level.

She has been on many magazine covers such as “American Way,” “Pool & Billiard Magazine,” “People En Espanol” and Billiards Digest.” She has also made many television appearances, including “Good Morning America.”