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Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan was born on the 10th of January 1986 in Klagenfurt/Austria. Even as a small child Jasmin owned a little pool table, but soon playing on this table became too easy and she started her career on the big pool table in her parents club at the age of 6.

Right from the start Michael Neumann, who played pool himself, saw her talent. Soon a billiard super team between trainer and athlete was born. After a few years of practice, Jasmin was finally allowed to show her skills on an international level during the youth European championships. Within the next 6 years Ouschan garnered 11 out of 12 possible gold medals. From the start Ouschan/Neumann had a definite strategy, a strategy that is based in the belief that when you want to become a better player then you have to compete with the best. Due to this strategy Ouschan wasn’t scared of showing her skills against the best men in the sport.

In 2004 Jasmin Ouschan finished her final exams in school and from that moment on her goal was clear – to be a top professional pool player.

In her last year of eligibility for the World Junior Championships in 2005 Jasmin was able to make one of her initial dreams come true. In front of her home crowd she managed to win the gold medal of the girl’s division in the WPA World Junior Championship. In addition to her success on the pool table, Jasmin also finished her education as an instructor for billiards and fitness.

Her entry into the women’s division of the professional pool scene was pretty smooth for the Austrian as she won 2 Gold medals at her first women’s European Championship and proved that the rumours about Jasmin Ouschan were true. In the same year, at age 19, she managed to win the gold medal at the World Games, the Olympic games of the billiard sport. Soon more and more top finishes were following at international pro events until she took the challenge in 2006 to play at the Men’s Straight Pool World Championship in New Jersey. Even though a lot of people smiled at them at first, the team Ouschan/Neumann didn’t give up on their goal. In the end her 5th place at the world championship showed that she was more than a capable opponent in the 14.1 discipline. When this effort was topped by a victory at the BCA Open in Las Vegas and a 3rd place at the Women’s World Championship, Ouschan earned her spot in the women’s billiard elite.

Jasmin Ouschan wasn’t only recognized in Asia or America but also in her hometown Carinthia where they choose her as the sportswoman of the year.

After a lot of top finishes Ouschan took over the top position in the official WPA Women’s World Ranking and until the end of 2008 nobody was able to take that away from her. Considering her youth she had already achieved a lot, but in 2008 she was able to celebrate an unbelievable success. At the age of 22 she became the first woman in billiard history to win a bronze medal at the Men’s Straight Pool World Championship. Due to that success a new area of women’s pool started to begin. More and more women followed Jasmin Ouschan’s way and sought the challenge of competing in male events.

In 2007 and 2008 Ouschan was not only elected again as the sportswoman of the year in her hometown but also the rest of Austria and the sport critics started to pay attention. At the end of 2008 Jasmin Ouschan was awarded a sensational 8th place at the Austrian Sports Awards which is an unbelievable acknowledgment for Ouschan and the billiard sport. The media got more and more interested in the billiard athlete and soon her growing fan base could see her smiling out of many magazines and on TV shows.

In 2009 Jasmin Ouschan stood in front of a new challenge. The venue for the European Championships was her home country, Austria, and it was a great chance to show her skills in front of her home crowd. Even though there was a lot of pressure on Ouschan’s shoulders she managed to set a new record. There was no billiard player before her who had won in 3 disciplines when she won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal. Only one year later, in 2010, Jasmin Ouschan wrote billiard history. She won all 4 gold medals at the European Championships in Zagreb/Croatia, she is not only the first ever athlete who won all disciplines in one year, she is also the most successful player at European Championships. In the same year she also fulfilled her dream by winning her first women world title in 10-Ball in the Philippines. She was also the first non-Asian player since 2001 to win a World Championship title.

Now, at 27 years of age, Jasmin Ouschan has already achieved many titles but she is still very hungry and approaches new challenges with a mighty spirit and unbridled enthusiasm.