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Checks & Money Orders

You can donate via check or money order made payable to the Black Widow Foundation and mail to:
Black Widow Foundation
23110 State Road 54 #313
Lutz, Florida  33549

Benefits & Why Donate?

With your help, Black Widow Foundation will provide opportunities for youth billiards players to develop personal skill sets needed to realize professional and personal life success, as well as, provide assistance to at risk youth and individuals facing difficult life challenges.

Your contributions will allow Black Widow Foundation to provide:

  1. Billiards skills, leadership and personal development opportunities for aspiring amateur and professional billiards players.
  2. Opportunities for at risk youth and individuals facing difficult life challenges to receive personal development and personal assistance opportunities focused on better positioning them for life success.

Utilizing the game of billiards as a foundation for assisting individuals facing difficult life challenges, and teaching youth the importance of life lessons such as sportsmanship, leadership skills, and building of character; are the primary focus of the Foundation.   We feel the community will benefit from the long term positive results by preparing youth for life and assisting those in need.  Your support will allow us to offer our programs and grant activities to many youth and individuals who otherwise may have limited opportunities.

The following are our corps programs:

1. Black Widow Juniors Billiards Summer Camp:  The purpose of the Black Widow Junior Billiards Summer Camp is to develop positive personal character, leadership, critical thinking and strong technical billiards skill sets.

This purpose will be realized through:

 a. Camp sessions lead by current and former professional billiards players focused on:

i. Personal Development:  Sessions will be designed to foster leadership, character, critical thinking, and team building.

ii. Professional Development:  Sessions will be designed to develop individual technical aspects of billiards play, critical thinking and billiards strategy, and career exploration in the billiards industry.

2. Junior Billiards Mentoring Program:  The purpose of the Junior Billiards Mentoring Program is to develop positive personal character, leadership, and critical thinking skill sets of aspiring youth professional billiard players by matching them with present and former professional billiards players.  Prospective youth billiards players will be accepted into the mentoring program through the Black Widow Youth Billiards Camp and/or selected by Jeanette Lee.

3. Community Grants Program:  The Black Widow Foundation is in the process of developing a Community Grant Program for the purpose of supporting individuals facing difficult life challenges.  Community grants will be made to qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations for the purpose of supporting programs and services designed to assist with the broad range of needs associated with difficult social, economic, and health related life circumstances.