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College and the Business of Billiards:  Is There a Connection? – YES, there is a connection.  Colleges offer many courses that can help you pursue a career in billiards. Making a living in pool is not as simple as just playing in tournaments. Whether it is part-time or full time – pool can be a rewarding part of your life.  If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life.

Get to Know the Champions – Hear the personal stories of our champions.  What do they think about sportsmanship, competition, and adversity?  Learn what they believe it takes to be a true ambassador of the sport.

Becoming a Star: Self Marketing and Promotion – What can you do to go from Great Player to SuperStar?  Learn how the biggest stars in the game have promoted themselves, and gained sponsorships, exhibitions, and more.  You can become one of the most recognizable names in the game by developing marketing strategies, nurturing sponsorship relationships, engaging in charity work, putting together your own press kit, and learning to give good interviews.  What can you offer sponsors beyond your play?  Find out at camp!

Develop your own Career Plan – Learn to set goals, then develop a plan to achieve them.  The pros fulfilled their dreams, and so can you.  We will work with you step by step to create and implement short term and long term plans.

Planning a Training Regimen – How do the champions achieve such a high level of performance?  Find out in this class.  Create a specific customized training routine that includes physical and billiards training.

Position Play and the Tangent Line – As a famous pool hustler once said, “whoever controls that darn little white ball the best usually wins.”  The basis of all position play is learning about the physics of cue ball/object ball interaction after impact – the “tangent line.”  Once you understand this principle, and learn how speed, draw, and follow effect it; you will experience a whole new world of positional opportunities.

Not Your Typical English Class – While it would be nice if we all used good grammar, this is NOT that type of English class :-). This is where you learn the details of draw, follow, sidespin….details that will make your game better than ever.

Drills, Drills, Drills  – The best instructors in the world are here, or have contributed to these drills.  They have been developed over years of study to improve your game.  We will find your weaknesses and recommend specific drills to improve them.  Oh….did we mention….they are FUN!

Get in the Zone: Match Preparation Strategy – You are not ready for a match until you have prepared physically and mentally for EVERY possible occurrence.  It will surprise you to hear how seriously the champions take this kind of preparation; and you can make it part of your arsenal as well.

The Mental Game – As Yogi Berra said, “Baseball is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical.”  While the exact percentages for pool are unknown, it is CERTAIN that no player reaches his full potential without a strong mental game in practice and in competition.  The strategies that champions use to improve their mental game will fascinate you.

Eight Ball Break and Strategies – Learn from the best how to improve your Eight Ball break.  Also covered will be the offensive and defensive principles that can help you navigate through even the toughest racks.

Nine Ball Break and Strategies – Breaking, strategy, safety principles…..the best players in the world can improve your game quickly.

Physical Training Principles for Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance – Elite players are ATHLETES.  Learn from experts how to incorporate fitness training into your life, and how it will improve your pool performance.  We  will help you create a fitness training program that works for you – whatever level of fitness you decide to pursue.

What Are You Gonna Do With All That Prize Money? – Wall Street banker and financial experts will share the principles of sound personal finance.  Learn about balancing a checking account, the importance of regular saving, living on a budget, and different types of investments.

Combos, Kisses, and Caroms – Our pros and instructors know a LOT of unusual shots that most amateurs never even see.  These shots are extremely valuable and extremely FUN!

Ball-in-Hand, Pushout, and  Safety Strategies – While these sound simple, most amateurs perform very poorly in these areas.  Our experts will dramatically improve your performance in a very short time.

Defense and Tactical Judgment – Some say, “The best offense is a good defense.”  Learn the “weapons” of defensive play (distance, obstacles, positional difficulty, and rail interference) and improve your defense.

Specialty Shots: Jumps, Masse’ – While we never want to use these unless we have to, often we DO!  Learn the proper way to practice and perform these difficult shots….your game will be more complete.

Hangers and Trick Shots – A ball hanging in the jaws of a pocket is, “the amateurs nightmare, and the professionals friend.”  Pocketing it is somewhat easy, but obtaining perfect position afterwards is NOT.  Learn to get good position while pocketing these deceptively simple shots.  Learn some great trick shots as well that will amaze your friends and family.

Diamond Systems – There are many ways to use diamond systems for kicking and banking.  Our pros will show you how to do it with style.

Advanced Fundamentals – Setting Up – A good and consistent setup is essential to high level pool. Our pros will show you the elements of grip, bridge, stance, and setup that will take your game to the next level.

Advanced Fundamentals – Stroke – Almost every match will be won by the player that moves his stick the best – it is all you can control when at the table. Learn from the best how to improve every element of your stroke technique, pre- and post-shot routines; and develop a complete shooting system.